The Gompers GATOR Bulletin 1/20/20


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Dear Gompers Parents/Guardians,

Good Day, and Welcome to another great week in #GATORNATION!

We welcome counseling intern, Terence Boulanga to Gompers. He will support many areas and programs within our school and work directly with Ms. Frank. He will be meeting 1:1 with all students to review their HS Readiness Data (grades/state and district test) and develop goals. He will meet with each student twice once in February and once in May. Additionally, he will work with our Male Academy and do special "friendship and social skills" groups with select students.

1. Thank you to all GATOR FAMILIES and students who have supported our school's "new/revised protocols of practice" that have been implemented this school year (19-20). From the change in drop-offs/pickups, EVC safety buzz system, non-interruption of classes for messages, cell phone restrictions to scholarly dress expectations.

Your support during our transition for a greater and enhanced school community of success is appreciated and valued. We will continue to work together for the betterment of the students in academics and behavior/social-emotional as well.

2. Beginning January 31 to February 21, all LBUSD stakeholders (Parents/Students and Staff) will have the opportunity to take the CORE Culture and Climate Survey. The survey provides valuable input to support our school's goals and next steps for an improved school climate. The data is highly reviewed/examined and an integral part of rating our school's success.

The survey is available to all parents and can be accessed through your PARENTVUE account. LBUSD messenger system will continue to ask you to complete the survey until the survey window is closed.

3. If there is enough interest, Gompers may offer Saturday School SUCCESS (SSS) to support SBAC readiness for students in grades 4th and Middle School. It would be from 8:45 to 11:45. Students would engage in funfilled ways to practice/test readiness skills for SBAC along with increasing math problem-solving strategies. Specific messengers and notices will go out to targeted students for the intervention enrichment.

4. Beginning February 2020 - Academic and Leadership Support for Middle School Students:

Gompers Middle School will enhance student readiness and development of students with 4 new programs:

a. Thrively - Social Emotional Learning program designed to build a student's growth mindset and self-efficacy toward learning and achievement. This program will be implemented for all middle school students during their electives on Monday and Thursday. The program was generously funded by PTA.

b. Male Leadership Academy (MLA) - The mission of the Male Academy is to improve the graduation rate of promising male students and to encourage lifelong learning by preparing them for college and career options. The program is designed to provide support to continuing students by strengthening academic skills, personal development, and character enrichment. The introductory meeting will be held on 1/25 with Mr. Boulanga.

c. Female Leadership Academy(FLA) - FLA is a district program in all high schools and a majority of middle schools in LBUSD. FLA is to empower young women and increase their graduation rates as well as increase their entrance into institutions of higher learning and other viable post-secondary options. Additionally, the program seeks to support personal development, character and leadership skills. The introductory meeting is January 29 @ 2:30

XTRA, XTRA, BREAKING News...The Week of January 13

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XTRA, XTRA, Breaking News..... The Week of February 3

GAME ROOM - During Lunch for grades 4th - 8th

Room 20 will be converted into a funfilled "GAME ROOM" during lunch!!!!

The Game Room will include games like:

Uno, Connect Four, Jenga, Puzzles, Hungry Hippo, Checkers, Chess to name a few.

**At this time there will not be any video games. Maybe, later on, we will have a Wii as part of the Game Room activities, once we get a video/TV monitor**

Rules (draft mode)

1. Entry into the Game Room @ 12:55 and Cleanup @ 1:20

2. Respectful to space and those in attendance.

3. Backbacks will be stored on the counter ledge.

4. No Food & Drink inside the room

5. No Cell Phone Use

The room would be supervised by a Recreation Team member.

Please note, Grades 1-3, will hopefully begin at a later date (March) we need to figure out where would be a good space to house it on the lower elementary side of campus.


Gompers Expectations across our K8 #GatorNation Community!!

Scholarly Dress Expectations - January 6, 2020

Scholarly Dress is the expectations for students at Gompers - January 6, 2020.

LBUSD is a uniform district for students in grades K-8, since 1994.

As discussed in August at the Orientations and Back To School Night, Scholarly dress is the expectation for Gompers Students.

Please ensure your student(s) are in scholarly dress each day as they walk through the "gates of success".

Arrive on TIME to the LEARNING PARTY!!! - Every Minute lost is a minute missed of learning!!

Middle School Students in their seat at 8:55

Elementary Students in their seat at 9:00

5 Days until the end of the Semester

ALL Parents"

During the month of January, please ensure that your students are here every day as there are many assessments in all subject areas.

Many of these assessments are directly tied to their grades on their Report Card in Middle School and Achievement Report in Elementary which are apart of their permanent record/transcript.

Additionally "many" of these assessments are online and require passcodes/logins and time specifications set by the district.

To keep track of how your child(ren) progress please access:

PaentVUE - View their district assessments

Schooloop (MS only) - Daily Grades, assignments, etc..

Lastly, consistent communications with your child's teacher(s) are always = to a good partnership for your child's success.

K-5 - Achievement Reports - Accessed online via PARENTVUE - February 5, 2020

6-8 - Report Cards - Accessed online via PARENT VUE - February 7, 2020

2020-21 School Information - Be in the Know

5th to 6th Grade Matriculation Process

Important 5th-grade information

1. Check your emails from LBUSD "officially" informing you of the process for the Middle School Choice process.

All 5th-grade parents will need to complete an “online” application for their child to enroll in an LBUSD Middle School. Parents will be able to access their “online” application through their ParentVUE account only.

A special informational Parent Night for 5th-grade parents will be held at Gompers on Tuesday, January 28th at 6:00 pm in the library.

Kindergarten Information for 2020-21 School Year

If you have children 5 years old, (or will be 5 by September 1st, 2020), they are eligible to enroll into Kindergarten for the 2020 -21 school year.

Students whose birthdate is between September 2 – December 2, 2015 are eligible for the Transitional Kindergarten Program (TK)

Remember that your child must:

« Live within the Gompers area

- OR -

« Have an approved *School of Choice Application at Gompers


Please pick-up an enrollment packet at the Gompers main office

Beginning: Monday, January 27, 2020, from 8:00 – 3:30 PM. All new enrollment will be submitted online, through ParentVue only. You will be asked to bring the following documents with you at the time of your appointment:

« Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate or Passport

« Immunization Records (must be up-to-date at the time of appointment)

« 2 Proofs of Address (Utility Bill, Rental Agreement or Receipt, Government Correspondence)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me Ms. Jeanette,Enrollment Clerk(sub)

School Services and Support Programs

Additional Math "After School" Intervention/Tutoring Support

3rd Grade "all/any" students: Monday & Tuesday 3:15 - 4:15 in Mrs. Primrose's room

5th Grade "all/any" students: Monday & Wednesday 7: 3:15 - 4:15 in Mr. Patterson's room

Middle School - 6, 7, 8 "all/any"- With the middle school teacher Mr. Vo, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Tuesday(6th/Asenas) & Thursday(8th/Ramirez): 3:25 - 4:25

GREEN Trait of the Month for January is ETHICS

GATORS will engage in a "fun filled" week of KINDNESS...

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Friday, February 7, the 100th Day of School

K-8th SPIRIT DAY of Celebration!

Students may come to school dressed as a 100-year-old student of GATOR SUCCESS!

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Friendly Reminders....

No Phone ZONE - Once students walk "into the learning zone" of Gompers campus, electronic devices including cell phones are prohibited for USE at Gomper K8 Community. Students are asked to leave all such devices at home. If students need to use a phone in an emergency, they may use the office phones.

Phones are out they will be confiscated by the teacher and returned to parent ONLY.

*Food Deliveries

  • No food Deliveries dropped off or GRUBHUB, DINEDASH etc..

  • Students Are Not Permitted To Bring Balloons, Birthday Signs, Cakes, Gifts, Toys, Stuffed Animals, Etc.

  • Classrooms will not be permitted to do birthday celebrations during the instructional day

  • Students Are Not Allowed To Sell Snack Items, Such As Chips, Chocolates Or Any Other Candy On Campus.

Eat Lunch with your child on Fridays

Come one and share some smiles with your child over lunch.

1. Sign in at the office

2. Receive a visitors sticker

3. Wait for your child at the benches with the lunch

4. Lunch Times:

1st - 11:25, 2nd & 3rd grade 11:35, 4th grade -11:45 and 5th grade 11:55, MS - 12:46

Please, No drop off of "special" lunches on Fridays, parents with the child for lunch..thanks!

Safety on Briercrest and Dunrobin...Please adhere to the traffic regualations for drop off and pickup

Student/Morning Drop Off Off -

Campus Supervision of students does not begin until 8:15 each morning. Students should enter through the playground entrance on Dunrobin Ave.

Afternoon PickUp -

All gates are open for exiting until 3:30 pm

Dunrobin gate & Briercrest gate

Campus supervision of students ends at 4:00 pm Playground closes at 4:00.


Please do not double park. Lakewood Sherrif will be issuing tickets. Our neighbors on Briecrest have concerns and are contacting authorities. Please park safely to drop off your Kinder student and pick up your child.

Cross Walks is the law:

Please use the crosswalks to ensure pedestrian safety in crossing the street. Lakewood has a city ordinance on pedestrian safety and the use of crosswalk. Please adhere to safety measures for your child.

Support our PTA through MEMBERSHIP DRIVE $10

Click the link to do the online process in 1, 2, 3 easy steps

Gompers and LBUSD NEWS

20 - MLK Holiday - No School

24 - End of 1st Semester

25 - Ed Celebration for School Of Choice Options @ Cabrillo High Schol

27 - 31 - Great Kindness Challenge Week

28 - PTA Board Meeting @ 3:30

28 - 5th to 6th Grade Parent Night - Middle School Option @ Gompers

31 - Mr. Peace Assembly (Varied assemblies throughout the day)

31 - Student of the Month @ 2:30pm

1 - Kindergarten Festival @ Roosevelt from 9 - 12, all welcome to attend

6 - Coffee Hour w/ Dr. Miller @ 6:00 pm - Library

7 - 100th Day of School - Fun Filled Spirit Day

10 - No School - Holiday

13 - PTA Meeting @ 6:30

14 - SSC Meeting

17 - No School - Holiday