The Silver Scoop

November 10-14 edition

Field Trip Fun!

The students loved our field trip to the One Room School House. It was fun to learn so much history and to experience it firsthand, too! I hope your child has already told you all about making a waxed paper cup, taking on a new identity for the day, playing outside with old-fashioned toys, and more. Check out all of these pictures from our day!

Upcoming Events

The Science Fair will be open for parents to view projects this Tuesday from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. While you are at school, be sure to stop by the Scholastic Book Fair in the Town Hall area (by the office) too!

Our class visited the book fair on Monday and will visit again on Thursday. Many students have made wish lists of the books they want to purchase. Please send money with your child on Thursday if he/she is going to shop at the Book Fair.

Our school is celebrating America Recycles Day this Friday by participating in a Waste-Free Lunch Challenge, sponsored by the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District. Last Friday we counted the number of trash bags filled by Clarks Creek students at lunch time, and there were 14. This Friday we will count the trash bags again, and hopefully we will have much less waste! A letter about this event will be sent home later this week with suggestions about how you can help your child pack a waste-free lunch or reduce waste when purchasing a school lunch. I volunteered our students to help promote and carry out the event, so some students will get to be a part of our morning video announcements or will help count trash bags on Friday!

This week's special schedule:

Monday--Computer Lab, Tuesday--Library, Wednesday--Music, Thursday--Art, Friday--Gym

What We Are Studying This Week

DOL/Journal -- We will do DOL Week #13 each morning this week. On Friday students will take a quiz over the DOL sentences we corrected. Students will also use the prompts for Week #13 to write at least one page in their journals this week.

STARS Club -- The students are continuing in their current STARS Club groups, although with field trips for the other classes scheduled this week, our clubs are not meeting every day. We will resume a regular schedule next week.

Math -- Our test from last Thursday was postponed because of the field trip groups returning later than expected. The Topic 5-6 Test is rescheduled for this Tuesday. Before we begin Topic 7, we are going to do some problem-solving activities on Wednesday that tie into our national park unit we are starting in reading. It's always fun to integrate units across subject areas! Then we will do Lesson 7-2 on multiplying pairs of multiples of 10 and 100, which is a mental math skill. There will be math homework on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Science -- The students will present their science fair projects this week, which will take quite a bit of time! We will also read paperback science readers about electricity and magnetism, and if we have time, we might do an electromagnet experiment, too. I don't anticipate there being any science homework this week!

Word Work -- We are on List #13 this week on plural nouns. Our lists rotate every 4 weeks from vocabulary words to a language/spelling skill. A new sheet of 4 lists was sent home on Monday, and you will notice that we are now on a language/spelling skill cycle. The students need to learn the spellings of the 20 words as well as the 3 rules for forming plural nouns. Then they will have to apply those rules to other nouns on the application part of their Friday test. This Week's Words: monkeys, friends, plays, supplies, taxes, holidays, months, companies, costumes, sandwiches, hobbies, daisies, delays, scratches, counties, teammates, memories, bunches, batteries, donkeys

Reading & Language -- Our story this week is "Letters Home from Yosemite" from the blue reading book. This nonfiction story tells about the author's trip to Yosemite National Park in California. We will spend the next 2 1/2 weeks on a national park unit while we study main idea and supporting details. This is a tricky but very important skill, so the students will get lots of practice reading and identifying main ideas. There will be homework over the story on Wednesday and a story quiz on Friday. This week the students will also write a postcard from Yosemite, being sure to organize their writing with a main idea and supporting details. We will also continue to work on stretching our sentences and using specific vocabulary by writing "word pictures" of specific actions.

Social Studies -- We will finish reading Lesson 1, learning about Archaic Indians and Mound Builders this week. There will be social studies homework, probably on Thursday.

This Week's Funny

Hopefully this is NOT how your family felt about your child's Science Fair project!
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Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We're going to have a WONDERFUL week!

Mrs. Kara Silver

4th Grade Teacher

Clarks Creek Elementary

Plainfield Community Schools