Astronautical Engineer

Kloe Holloway


Astronautical engineers use their technical nous, practical skills and expert scientific knowledge to design, develop, research, test, tweak, adjust and upgrade sophisticated and complex engineering solutions, such as space shuttles, space launch vehicles, satellites, rockets, space capsules and planetary probes.

Astronautical engineers often take on specialist roles, focusing on a specific sub­category of the astronautical engineering remit, such as electrical and electronic engineering, spacecraft design, structural engineering, software engineering for automation and guidance purposes, or propulsion systems.

Others focus their efforts on concepts such as space weather or astrodynamics.

The majority of opportunities are available with manufacturers of spacecraft, space agencies and executive agencies that focus on scientific research and engineering projects.

Alternatively, you could find work with an advanced research and development centre or a higher education institution in a purely research ­focused role.

Average Salary

$107, 830

Job Outlook- Has gone down 2 percent since 2014

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