Boomerang Ball


What is it?

A ball (basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball, etc.) that if you press a button on a bracelet or watch, it would come back to you.

Is it unique and how?

Yes, we researched about this item, which is a ball that come back to you, and we didn't find anything besides a yoyo.

Purpose of the invention?

It is for people who play sports alone and don't want to have to retrieve the ball themselves.

How does it work?

There would be a homing devise in the ball that would magnetize to the bracelet or watch so that when you press the button, it comes to the bracelet wherever it is.

how much does it cost to make it?

four magnets-$16

soccer ball-$30

flexible metal-$26

rubber bracelet-$2


target audience

athletes who practice a lot and usually alone because this is more helpful for them than people who practice with more than 1 person

needs or wants for the invention

yes, athletes spend half their time in practice retrieving the ball, especially if they have only 1 ball with them.

materials needed

A high energy magnet

A bracelet magnetized to the magnet

A sports ball

selling price


We are getting about $11 profit