The Great Depression

Zak Quinn

The Great Depression

In the Great Depression many men and women were out of jobs and didn't have anything to do for money.
Thanks to a dust bowl the Great depression had began. Farmers and the crops were all ruined and all farmers were out of there jobs and had no money.

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover was Americas 31st president he took office in 1929 the year when the Great Depression had started. This had caused a major worldwide economic plunge.


How did Franklin Delano Roosevelt pull the country out of depression?

Roosevelt became president and he started the New Deal.This series of domestic programs aimed to fix problems brought on by the Great Depression.The programs included relief for poor, jobs for unemployed, recovery for the economy, and economic reforms to prevent another depression.

What caused the dust bowl and how did it affect farmers?

Farmers were over planting of wheat contributed to the natural disaster (Dust Bowl).In the 1930's the Great Plains had a record high temperatures and sever droughts.When the Wheat plants died there was nothing to keep the soil in place.All farmers were out of there jobs.

Which New Deal programs were important to Texas?

The most that Texas got out of the new deal programs was the Helping Farmers.Most of the farmer of Texas lived in rural areas but only 2% had electricity.

How were tenant farmers and miners affected by the Great Depression?

The farmers were hit by the dust bowl which wiped out if not all almost all of the crops in the area. Farmers had lost there main source of money and food.The miners were in there Boom town producing a a lot of oil but when the dust bowl hit they had used some of what farmers planted to help them but they were not able to get them because of the dust bowl.