Death of Marilyn Monroe

Kaylei Powell P.7

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home laying naked on her bed on August 5, 1962. Ms. Monroe was struggling with depression and was under the care of Dr. Ralph Greenson. The night of August 5th Ms. Monroe's maid noticed that her bedroom light was still on and it was past 3:00am. When the maid went to knock on the door it was locked and she got no response from Ms. Monroe. Frightened, she called Dr. Greenson and he came rushing over. Dr. Greenson failed to get into her room through the door. Therefore, he went out the back broke her window and climbed in her room . When the police arrived Ms. Monroe was found dead with a pill bottle on the bed and a telephone in her hand.

Perspective #1

One of the most popular ways the media has twisted this tragedy is by blaming the Kennedy brothers. Ms. Monroe was accused of having an affair with John F Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. It was said that she was going to let out the "dirty little secrets" during the political campaigns. In the article "Marilyn Monroe's Death Conspiracy Theories: How did Norma Jean Die?" by Maria Vultaggio, Peter Lawford, Robert Kennedy's brother-in-law stated," Bobby Kennedy was determined to shut her up, regardless of the consequences." (Vultaggio. Paragraph 10) Robert Kennedy was accused of injecting her with an enema because there was no trace of poison in her stomach. This conspiracy still travels around today but the Kennedy's were not found guilty.

Perspective #2

Another conspiracy, although lesser believed, is that Miss Monroe committed suicide. It was said that she overdosed on barbiturate's. It has been reported that she tried to commit suicide many times before this night but never succeed. The problem with this conspiracy is it looks like it was staged. The pills were in perfect formation and her body was laid neatly on the bed. Also, there wasn't a single glass in the room for her to swallow the pills until after the investigation a random glass appeared. Many question follow this conspiracy. For example, why did it take so long for Dr. Greenson to call the police? Why did Dr. Greenson turn the ambulance away? Why does the maid keep changing her story?

Media Bias

Even though the media has twisted the story many times the truth is clear. Miss Monroe's death was a set up by her maid and her doctor. I find it hard to believe that a doctor would wait so long before calling the police. He knew that he and the maid was guilty and they were trying to find a way to cover up the crime. I believe the maid and the doctor slipped Miss Monroe a lethal injection which is why there wasn't a trace of pills in her autopsy. Once they realized what they had done they got scared and waited a long time before calling the police. When the police and ambulance arrive Dr. Greenson told them that it was an overdose. They believed him because he is a doctor.

Criticism #1

Feminist criticism is involved in the death of Marilyn Monroe for one main reason. Marilyn was and still is the all time sex symbol of the world. Just because of her seductive photo shoots she was allegedly accused of having affairs with not only one but both of the Kennedy brothers. In the conspiracies they believed that this is one of the reasons she was killed. Why is it that a women should be killed because she was accused of having an affair? If these accusation are true how do we know that the Kennedy brothers were not the ones who started the affairs. Miss Monroe's career made a reputation of her that may or may not have been true. Although, because of her gender and her career she was blamed for the affairs.

Criticism #2

Marxist Criticism also plays in the role of her death because of the hierarchy. Miss Monroe was a very famous and successful women, but the Kennedy brothers were more successful. John F Kennedy was the President and people had a lot more respect for the President than Miss Monroe. Also Robert Kennedy was the Senator at the time and people respected him more. Miss Monroe was being downgraded and looked down upon because of her reputation and because of the hierarchy of the Kennedy brothers. The people believe the Kennedy brothers because of there position in the government.


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