Help a Girls Robotics Camp

Need: An underwater LEGO robotics kit for $3500

Your donation can make all the difference.

Small non-profits often need help with small things - materials for classes, lunches for field trips, printing costs, etc. These small things actually make a huge difference in the lives of those they serve. Your help amplifies the impact.

Help girls gain an interest in robotics, computer science and engineering careers. The National Girls Collaborative Project is seeking donations to help purchase underwater LEGO Robotics kits. These kits are lent out (free of cost) to local educators who have been trained in WaterBotics, a robotics curriculum that not only teaches technology and science concepts, but increases girls' interest and understanding of engineering careers.

Help pitch in for a $3500 underwater LEGO robotics kit. It's not just giving money, it's giving an opportunity.

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Contact us via e-mail with the subject line "Help for Robotics Camp"

National Girls Collaborative Project