Han Dynasty 202 BCE - 256 CE

Mr.Childs, PD 7 Santiago M


In the Han Dynasty they had emperor exact same family and they've ruled China for 400 years. Liu Bang became the king of Han this was in 206 B.C. when the fall finished (Qin Dynasty) after all that Liu Bang became emperor which happened in 202 B.C.

The emperor Liu Bang centralized the Government.The Government used civil examination so they consetect the officials but there was a problem.The problem was the examination has stressed the knowledge for teaching.


The ruler of the Han Dynasty was Liu Bang for the Han Dynasty and Liu Bang ended the Qin Dynasty.Liu Bang kept some of the rules from Qin Dynasty and put in Han Dynasty.

Basis for the China's Government was established during Han Dynasty,and trading.

Trading was vital to the economy in the late Imperial China trading,And the certain religion subsisted heavily on trade.

The Important products for the Han Dynasty was silk,coins,sculpture,gunpowder,etc.

An occupation of Han Dynasty that was very important was trading because that's how the people got their Items that they wanted.


In the Han Dynasty they Invented Silk,Paper,Coins,Weapons all of those loom,and the Silk Road and the Silk Road was the best Invention in the Han Dynasty for Trading.They succeeded with trading.

In the Han Dynasty Han Wudi extended The Great Wall Of China.They also built Watchtowers,Temples,Palaces,and Store-Houses

Religion/Culture/Social Life 😃

The Han Dynasty really encouraged Confucianism.They teached people about It.And the Han Dynasty did alot of benefit from Confucianism

In the Han Dynasty Poetry,Literature,and Music were very Important.They encouraged this too.