Behavioral Adaptations: migration

By: Sean Kight

Migration is a when animals instinctively moves based on the season. For example many species of geese breed in the far northern reaches of north america. Only to begin their long journey south, in which they follow well defined geographical features. They do this even though the air is thiner and can get extremely cold. One reason that they do that is because it is instinctive for them to follow the geographical feature. Also another one of the main reasons that they migrate is the weather.


suckling is when baby's or animals get milk from there mothers breast's or udders. For the baby to get the milk it must suck or nurse on the mothers breasts or udder. Also when mothers feed there baby's with breast or udder milk they are giving their child natural immunities to some sicknesses. Also if they didn't feed their children they would not have a source of food which is what makes this so important.