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October 2021

October: Let the Fall Festivities Begin!

Early in October, our community will have the chance for family fun at the Jones County Fair which will be held October 5-9. Please remember that Friday, October 8th is a distance learning day for students, which means they will be learning from home that day. Also, October 11-15 is Fall Break for the Jones County School System. After the break, come show your support for the Hounds at Jones County's homecoming football game on Friday, October 22nd! As we wrap up the month, our students will celebrate their commitment to remaining healthy and safe by celebrating Red Ribbon Week and School Bus Safety Week.

In addition to many local festivities, October is also National Fire Prevention Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, Emotional Wellness Month, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this newsletter, you will find information on ways to support these initiatives.

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents." ~ Jane D. Hull

If you have a question or concern, please contact us.

Shelley Dunlap sdunlap@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032 Ext. 1284

Shelby Henderson shelby.henderson@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032

Leslie Poythress lpoythress@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032 Ext. 1282

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Conversation Prompts

Here are some questions to ask your child this month.

  • What do you want to dress up as for Halloween?
  • Who have you been hanging out with lately?
  • What’s your favorite season? Why?

Tip of the Month: Limit Your Phone Time

This month, try to limit the amount of time you’re on your phone in front of your child. Whenever you are with your child, make an effort to be fully present, and as much as possible, keep your phone use limited to times when your child isn’t around.


Taking tests can be scary, especially if your child feels pressure to do well in school. Here’s how you can help your child feel prepared.

Encourage your child to start studying early. As soon as your child finds out about a test or quiz, he/she should start studying.

Offer to help. Ask your child if there is any[1]thing he/she needs help understanding, or if it would be helpful for you to quiz him/her on spelling, vocabulary, etc.

Help your child relax. If your child gets nervous before a test, encourage him/her to take deep breaths (breathe in, count to four, breathe out) until he/she feels calmer.

~ Woodburn Press

6 Brain-Based Learning Strategies and Study SKills That Help Teens Learn

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Spotlight on Bullying Prevention: Talking About Bullying

Think about the following questions as they relate to you and your child.

Have you talked to your child about the different types of bullying?

Have you asked your child if he/she has ever witnessed bullying or has been bullied him/herself?

Have you talked to your child about what to do if another student is harassing or bothering him/her?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, take time to have a conversation with your child about bullying. Make it clear that bullying is wrong, and that it is never justified. Let your child know that he/she can talk to you about any problem—whether it’s about bullying or something else. You are there to help.

If Your Child Has Been Bullying Others...

If you learn that your child has been bothering or harassing another student, take it seriously and don’t make excuses. Avoid lecturing, criticizing, or blaming. Be firm, focus on solutions, and hold your child accountable for his/her actions.

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Join the JCSS Family Engagement Team as we take a stand against bullying. Work together as a family to create a poster that promotes kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Hang your poster where others can learn from it and post on our Family Engagement Facebook page. We will send certificates to all participants with a special family treat!

Spotlight on Healthy Lifestyles: Emotional Wellness

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School Bus Safety Resources

Click here to access the Georgia Department of Education Health & Safety Curriculm on School Bus Safety. Scroll down to find Student and Parent Resources.

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Join us for some fall family fun! For those of you who want a digital option, try out a pumpkin carving app like Pumpkin Carver or Carve a Pumpkin. Work together as a family to carve your virtual pumpkin and post a screenshot.

Note: Pictures must be posted to the Jones County Family Engagement Page to be included in the contest.

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Jones County Schools Family Engagement

If you have a question or concern, please contact us.

Ms. Shelley Dunlap, Family Engagement Coordinator

sdunlap@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032 Ext. 1284

Mrs. Shelby Henderson, Family Engagement Coordinator

shelby.henderson@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032

Mrs. Leslie Poythress, Executive Director of Family Engagement

lpoythress@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032 Ext. 1282

Mrs. Charlotte Foskey, Executive Director of Federal Programs

cfoskey@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032 Ext. 1233

Mr. Charles Lundy, Superintendent of Schools

clundy@jones.k12.ga.us or (478) 986-3032