Blizzard of 1888

By: Lauren Bierschenk per. 5 , 11/18/14

Affect on Local Animals

Animals had a hard time through this particular blizzard. Many birds and farm animals froze in the below zero temperatures. Also, horses that had been abandoned were found dead in snow drifts.


Animals that live in place like NYC and go through things like The Blizzard of 1888, and they adapt to the new climate to survive. Some adaptations I think the animals did at that time was hibernation. This behavioral adaptation is where the animal goes into a deep sleep which saves energy. Another adaptation is that these animals could develop a thick layer of fur. Animals that undergo this adaptation are animals that don't have the option to hibernate and that are fully exposed to the frigged temperatures.


It took New York City many days to recover and a bit longer to fully recover from this event. Families morned over the deaths of 400 people. 17,000 people hand shoveled 24 million cubic yard from streets due to lack of snow plows. Also, immigrant workers removed snow from railroads in New Jersey and New York.