Ocean Biomes!

By: Elliot Haigh, Destiny Jackson, and Kasa Hess


Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and Southern Ocean.

(Ocean biomes cover approx. 70%of the earths surface.)


The the ocean the temperature varies with its depth, the deepest point is around 0-3 degrees Celsius and the shallowest point is around 22 degrees Celsius. The average temperature of any ocean biome is 39 degrees however the Arctic Ocean has many areas that are covered with thick layers of ice for most of the year. The temperature of the water changes so little that it doesn't affect life in the ocean biome. the temperature also changes over a long period of time rather than daily.

Plant Life!

Animal Life!

Extremely diverse. Tons of types of fish including but not limited to Angelfish, Blow Fish, Whales, and an assortment of Sharks. You will also find octopus and crabs here. The Blue Whale is the worlds largest mammal and they belong to the ocean biome.

Things To Do There!

You can so snorkeling or surfing. The ocean biome is Heavily used for food, medicine, oil, and other resources. Due to the enormous size of the corral reef within the ocean biome, it has been classified as its own specific biome. There is a great deal of variety in the corral habitats. They are a very important entity though to any ocean biome. The ocean biome is very polluted due to the Bp oil spill and also everyday problems like littering.