Weevil Paradise

a utopia for herbivorous species

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Community with dirt houses and huge apartment complexes.

No natural predators in sight. Guarded by bacteria to protect from spiders,

ground beetles and birds.


There is a lucios menu of plant materall to satisfy your pallet. There are items to satisfy adutls and the kids. They are all open at night.

day care pupa world and larva paridise

The day care offers yea- roud service. There is one day care center for pupa and one for larva. We hava many fun activities such as slides. We are will staffed with caregives to monitor, play and take care of the young larva and pupa.

Community Activities

One community activity is "Attract a Mate Karyoke". There is a small pool of water for paddle boating. We also offer a spa with services for relaxing. There is also a baby-sitting service. A park with plants for laying eggs on are also available along with a picnic center.