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Thomas Jefferson Biography!!

Thomas Jefferson wanted the 13 colonies to become a nation. He was a good writer, so he wrote letters asking people to help the nation become free. He wrote letter after letter; 50,000 letters during his lifetime.

He was such a good writer that he was one of five men chosen to write the Declaration of Independence. He wanted to be able to think, so he rented a house and stayed there by himself for 17 days. He searched in his mind for just the right words. When he had finished it, he gave it to the Continental Congress, and on July 4, 1776 it was adopted * . The war for freedom; the revolution * had started.

Jefferson was born on the family farm in Virginia to a wealthy family. He had six sisters and three brothers; a large family indeed.

When he was a boy he enjoyed hunting, fishing, riding horses and canoeing. He also loved music and learned to play the violin.

His father was his teacher and his parents talked to him about the importance of serving others. His father died when Thomas was 14 years old.

When he was 17 he entered college and studied law. He would make a schedule for himself and study 15 hours or more a day. Because of his hard work, he was at the head of his class. He soon passed the bar exam * and became a lawyer in Virginia.

Why would I want Thomas Jefferson to become president???

Thomas Jefferson would make a good president because he's smart and capable. And being Secretary of State and Vice President, he could lead the country as well as (if not better than) anyone else at the time. He even stated, “Let us, then, fellow citizens, unite with one heart and one mind. . . . We are all republicans: we are all federalists.” I believe Thomas Jefferson would make a great president and do great Deeds for our country. He wrote the Declaration of Independence with many others, He helped Patrick Henry persuade James Madison to make the Bill of Right, founded the University of Virginia, was the author of the "Notes on the States of Virginia", invented the moldboard plow, which was a great improvement on the already standard farming plow; the wheel cipher, and developed his own design on the concept of the spherical sundial. He was an Incrideble person, and father of the democratic party, constitution and liberty. A true one of a kind!!!!