Ephrata Cloister,Ephrata PA

Utopian Community

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Basic Community Rules and Laws

  • Must Sleep from 9 PM - 5 AM with a 2 hour rest in the middle to watch for Christ

  • Eat a small vegetarian meal everyday
  • Must believe in God

Family,Marriage,Medical and Government Guidelines

  • The people in their community would pray off their pain.
  • No large families are welcome.
  • The married congregation makes most of the decision for the cummunity


  • In this society education is very important.
  • Every child from a family should consider going to the German school.


  • Farmer, Industrial Worker, Carpenter, Papermaker, Gardener, Cook
Religious Beliefs

  • A very important job is writing hymns on the printing press

Fun Facts

Today, The Euphrata Cloister is a historic landmark
recognized by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Daily tours, special programs, and on-going research continue to teach people about the Euphrata Cloister