2016 Strategic Plan - Dow Chemical

Plan-The-Plan Activities for a Great Year!

Message from Your Leadership Team

Greetings! 2015 will soon come to a close and we'll be quickly approaching a new year, with a new set of opportunities, challenges, projects and celebrations! We are excited to learn, grow, construct and hatch new experiences and opportunities for expansion and engagement. We hope you find this newsletter a resource as we build our 2016 plan to attain our goals, innovate new ideas and create new business for the new year! We're in this together, a highly-talented global account team!

2016 Strategy: Safety, Client and Employee Engagement and Account Growth!

The best laid, organized and defined plans harvest opportunities for enhanced engagement, improved safety performance and great relationships with Dow. The great relationships that you build with Dow and Olin will organically bring new business, and an opportunity for new workforce solutions to Dow. You will soon see our 2016 Strategic Plan and we're excited to bring consistencies across our account, drive strategy and engage with all of you for input and thought leadership! We look forward to hearing from you, we want your feedback, your ideas and creativity to help drive our strategy for 2016!
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Safety Engagement

We are tracking to end our year at our stretch goal of .15! This is accomplished by all of your amazing leadership, engagement, your partnership with the client and our employees. Let's challenge ourselves for 2016 and strive for another great year!

Dow 2016 Strategic Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 2pm

888-806-4788 Dial Up: 358 2999

Bi-Weekly Staff Meeting with a focus on our 2016 Strategic Plan, we want to hear from you!