EasyBib for Google Docs

Creating a works cited page just became a little bit easier.

EasyBib Add-On for Google Docs

Step 1

Open a Google Doc and click on the new Add-ons option and then click “Get Add-Ons” from the drop down bar.

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Step 2

Search for the EasyBib add-on in the search bar area. Click on EasyBib, then click on the free button, and finally click the accept button to add this feature to your Google Docs.
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Step 3

Once you have EasyBib installed in Google Docs you are ready to begin creating citations quickly and easily. In the menu bar, click on Add-ons and then click EasyBib Bibliography Creator. From here click on Manage Bibliography. This will create a bibliography box on the right hand side of your screen.
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Step 4

With EasyBib you can add books, journal articles and websites to your works cited page just by doing a simple search. Once you have found what you are looking for, click select to add it to your bibliography.
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Step 5

When you are ready to create your works cited page, just select the style format you would like your works cited page to be in and then click the "Add Bibliography to Doc" button.
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Brought to you by Jacqueline Treadwell

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