Reach Grade 2 Newsletter

December 2015

What's new and exciting?

Reach is up and running! Each week students are highly engaged in various challenging activities. It is so exciting to watch them learn and grow. Here is an update on what will take place in the Reach classroom in December and January.

Second grade students will be wrapping up our first Interact unit: Athenian Secret. This was a big success! Students really enjoyed solving difficult math puzzles while trying come up with the “Athenian Secret” secret formula.

We will begin a new unit titled: Game Factory. This unit stimulates math skills, encouraging students to to use their knowledge of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions to determine probability. In this unit/simulation, students are assigned to save the Goodwin Game Factory.

Also, our next literature unit will be with the book Frindle by Andrew Clements. This realistic fiction novel is a quirky tale about creative thought and the power of words.

Finally, we will continue to use the PETS (Primary Education Thinking Skills) Program. This program is designed to teach students higher level thinking skills. We will finish up with activities related to convergent thinking skills, and then move to divergent thinking skills. Students will meet new characters as we move through the skills.


I am looking forward to a terrific 2016!