A Christmas Carol

By: Madyson Chizek

A Christmas Carol

I will now tell you about all the staves

A Christmas Carol Stave 1

We met Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Ms. Cratchit, the ghost of Marley. Scrooge is not very happy about Christmas, he doesn't care for people, he is very mean, Bob Cratchit is very nice, and he cares for people, he is very warm and loving. Ms Cratchit is very nice and happy about Christmas, she doesn't like Scrooge. The ghost of Marley is very weird, his chin is falling off, he is very creepy and scary.

Stave 2

The first ghost is young looking. He has a very smooth voice. He has a light on his head. He took Scrooge to his past self. Because he wants Scrooge to see what the meaning of Christmas is.

Stave 3

The second ghost is huge. He ages in one day. He introduces Scrooge to Ignorance and Want. He took Scrooge to his present self. He shows him what he did in the present that was wrong.

Stave 4

The last ghost is kind of scary. He is wearing a black hoodie like dress. He takes Scrooge to his future. He shows Scrooge that he is going to die. He shows him this because if he doesn't change his actions, he will become this.

Stave 5

The last stave is more of when Scrooge learns his lessons and thanks Marley's ghost for everything he has showed Scrooge, Scrooge also changes his actions and gives to people, he raises Bob Cratchit's salary, he whispers something in the guy's ear (the one that came to his house and asked for money), and he tells a little boy to go get him some turkey and he will give him a half of a crown if he comes back within 5 minutes.

a Christmas Carol

What is Scrooge? He is a old and mean man and he does not like Christmas until he meets the three ghosts, and then he really cares about Christmas and wants to help everyone
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