City Of lights New York City

By: Sydney Graham

Times History

Times Square is a Major intersection that holds all of the famous buildings. It was origanlly named Longacre Sqaure But in 1904 Albert Ochs changed the name to Times square. Times square was all theateres at first, Then changed to Restraunts,Hotels, Etc. By the Nineteenth century New York City became Ten times bigger.

Building Of the concrete city

Times Square first started to be built in 1903. New York Times was the first building then Theater's and restraunts were added on.To help make It more Popular they had the first New Years Eve Ball drop in 1903. Because of The first ball drop That attracted 200,000 more people.By the 19th Century New york city expanded. Near the 2000's Times Square was Complete.

Guranteed To Get Sucked Into This Fun And Bright Place!

Attractions Over The Years

One of the Biggest attractions Is one New years Eve when the ball drops, Millions of people Come to visit.The first Things on Times Square Was theater's Broadway, Palace theater, Etc are very famous tourism places. For Familes The best places are Hersheys Chocolate world, Toys R us, FAO Shwartz. Hard Rock Cafe is always a winner for people when it comes to Restraunts. Broadway's show Wicked is Their most Popular and every body loves watching it.

Opening To Times Square

Have you ever wanted to ride on a Ferris wheel in a Toy Store or See A ball drop on New Years Eve? If so you need to definitely Go to Times Square in New York City. Times Square Is A great place If you're really into Musicals or Shopping because they have a lot of places to do that. It is great for Families or vacations With all of the hot spots for tourists.

Outro For Times Square

The feeling of leaving a place after you have had so much fun is awful. Having to leave a place as great as Times Square can be very difficult. This Bright place is full of adventures every corner, it makes you never want to leave.Enjoy spending time here and Making memories.