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FDHS Library News Volume 1 Issue 16


  • The next Student Reading Club will meet on Friday, December 11
  • We will offer a staff book club (reading fiction or nonfiction YA titles for PD) beginning in January. Let me know if you're interested in this. It would meet once a month after school.

Tech Tidbit: 6 Ways to Use a Discussion Board

There are plenty of awesome and simple ways that you can use an online discussion board in the classroom! Here are a few ideas to get you started from Ditch That Textbook, a blog by a high school Spanish teacher. :)

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Featured Books: YA Choice Titles

YA Choice!

Remember - students have the opportunity to vote on YA Choice titles to help choose which books appear on a nationally recognized list of the best books for teens! We desperately need teens to read these books and there are so many that I can honestly say that there is something here for everyone!


The part of Leigh Anne Tuohy's daughter in "The Blind Side" is played by the daughter of what famous performer?

*Know the answer? Come to the Media Center to claim a prize. :)

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