Alternative sentencing

The problem and solution!

What is Alternative sentencing?

Alternative Sentencing is a name in the criminal justice system for all the different ways, in which courts can punish someone, convicted of committing an offence, other than serving prison time.


  • Official figures show 65% of the 11,000 or so community orders handed down each month are completed in full or finish early because the offender makes good progress.
  • People under probation supervision has increased by 38.7% since 2009.
  • Out of 819,4343 people only 1,474 were put on some kind of Alternative Sentencing,for some of the same crimes as the ones that just went to jail.

The Problem

This on its own isn't the problem, the problem is that we are not using this as much as we should be. If this was used more it was save us an amazing amount of money. Not only that, it would also be giving people a second chance at fixing their wrong doings.


  • Weekend work programs
  • Electronic monitoring house arrest
  • Community service
  • Diversion and rehabilitation
  • Work Furlough