1984 Quotes Reflection

Brianna Fitzgerald Block 4 11/16/15

Regarding the Text

The quote, "The spirit of Man" (270) Book 3, Ch. 3 is relevant in the novel because all throughout the text, (except for maybe the ending... but even then, Winston wished for the party's success,) Winston hopes that the party will cease to have power or be abolished through rebellion. Winston expects the proles to stand up for their basic human rights because that is what is logical. Through such devious oppression, the party successfully turns its citizens into robots that lack emotion.

Applying it to the Real World

The Spirit of Man is applied easily today--into the real world. We have history books and historical texts filled to the brim with evidence when people rose up against their oppressive systems of government. There have been countless riots, peaceful protests, coups... all to accomplish what they believed was right. Human beings will always stand up for their beliefs even if others stand to question them. It is in our nature.