Spanish Fort Schools

Community & Stakeholders Relationships

Who are the stakeholders?

Students -Personal success throughout school, future opportunity
Parents- Pride, success, and opportunity for the students they care about
School staff - Professional efficacy and job satisfaction
School & district staff - “Adequate yearly progress,” meeting accountability expectations
School board - Fulfilling the district’s mission, media coverage, accountability
Taxpayers- Getting a good return on their tax “investment” in schools
Business community- Ability to hire graduates with skills needed, community economics
Other community
Community pride and “livability,” real estate values

Community and Stakeholders build strong relationships by:

1. A shared understanding of goals and expectations for all
involved in the school system
2. High academic standards clearly defining what students
are to know and be able to do
3. A strong group of leaders providing support for the goals
and expectations of the school and the school community
4. Procedures for purposeful collection and analysis of data
on students, programs, and staff
5. Strong relationships with family and community partners

These qualities can lead to great family and community connections with schools and additional support for student learning.
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What You Do Matters!

Baldwin County Board of Education

At this location: Superintendent's Office, Communications, Human Resources, Business and Finance (Accounting, Purchasing, Payroll, Insurance and Local School Accounting) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Safety, Security and Attendance.