The Executive Branch

By: Savanna Carr

What can the president do?

When the president veto or cancel, the Excetuve orders these commands or have power of laws. The pasdons or freedom from punishment. The president can veto yhe laws in the Executive Branch because the president is the commaders in cheif armed forced and can includes members of the armed force, the Excutive Branch employs more than 4 million of american.

How does the president do this job?

The article 2 of the constitution when the the president enforcement the laws because the congress can go up two a long term yaer it is like 5-7 yaers something like that because you have to be at age at must 35 years of age. There are currently 538 electors in the house because the president can run for president again if he can beat the other president in the united states.

The sympol of the Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is when the president can veto or cancel the laws because the checks and balences can check the law is right or not right for the state of america and the president can lead the armed air force and the Executive Branch as 2/3 of the senate and has 50 independent federal commissions in the huse of the Executive Branch.

Why do we need a president?

When the whole world don't have a president the world will go crazy and there be no laws or bills of rights because we don't have a president we will not have the three branchs of government like the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch and check and balances and federalism and the amendments in our government today.