Dellview Foundations Team


How Did We Get Started

Our campus team has one representative from each grade level as well as the principal, assistant principal, counselor, and family specialist. Our first steps were to identify what common area to focus on. We used a survey through Survey Monkey. Our results showed restrooms were the highest priority.
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Our Data Showed Restrooms Were A High Need...Now What?

As a staff we worked in grade level teams at a faculty meeting to complete a common area survey using the Safe and Civil Schools Form. After the common area survey we took the data and used a Leader in Me Leadership Tool "The Brainstormer" to come up with ideas to implement.

Restroom Procedures That Were Implemented

Creating Our Restroom Policy

As a staff, we took our data from our Brainstormer, Plus/Delta, and Common Area Survey Forms to create standard operating procedures a.k.a a restroom policy. The entire staff reviewed and agreed upon our Dellview Restroom Policy.
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Go, Flush, Wash, Leave

We created Go, Flush, Wash, Leave posters for all the restroom doors.
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Restroom Procedure Video

We created a restroom procedure video. All staff members shared the video and reviewed the procedures after Winter Break. We continue to use the video for review through out the year.

Next Common Area...Cafeteria

We decided based on our data that the cafeteria is our next common area to focus on. We came up with the big area procedures such as entering the cafeteria, getting your tray, recycling, walking to the table, etc.

To Be Continued...

On Wednesday, our staff is going to take all of our data and generate new ideas and revise our current policy in the cafeteria.