BOGO Book Fair!!!!

June 1-5, 2015

Book Fair this Week

9-2pm daily. If you would like to help out on Tuesday (during Battle of the Books) or during my lunch duty, 10:15-11:00am I would be extremely thankful. Let me know.

Teachers, if you would like to send 5 students at a time instead of bringing the entire class down, please start at the designated times below.

Monday preview schedule.

Ms. Socorro. Pre-K. 8:45-9:00

Ms. Marcus. Pre-K. 8:45-9:00

Ms. Musitano. Pre-K. 9:00-9:15

Ms. Gibson. Pre-K. 9:00-9:15

Ms. Kelly. Pre-K. 9:15-9:30

Ms. Oliver. Pre-K. 9:15-9:30

Ms. Craig. Kindergarten. 9:30-9:45

Ms. Mozee-Witock. Kindergarten. 9:30-9:45

Ms. Motley. Kindergarten. 9:45-10:00

Ms. K. Walker. Kindergarten. 9:45-10:00

Ms. Campbell. First. 10:00-10:15

O. Anderson. First. 10:00-10:15

Ms. Woodward. First. 11:15-11:30

Ms. McFadden. First. 11:15-11:30

Ms. Days. First. 11:30-11:45

Ms. Mensah. Second. 11:30-11:45

Ms. Nolan. Second. 11:45-12:00

Ms. S. Walker. Second. 11:45-12:00

Ms. J. Anderson. Third. 12:00-12:15

Ms. Bell. Third. 12:00-12:15

Ms. Burns. Third. 12:15-12:30

Ms. Fauntleroy. Third. 12:15-12:30

Ms. Hood. Fourth. 12:30-12:45

Ms. McBride. Fourth. 12:30-12:45

Ms. Polites. Fourth. 12:45-1:00

Ms. Becker. Fifth. 12:45-1:00

Ms. Sanders. Fifth. 1:00-1:15

Mrs. Stone. Fifth. 1:00-1:15

Ms. Mingo. Fifth. 1:15-1:30

Mr. Hoban. Sixth. 1:15-1:30

Ms. Caldwell. Sixth. 1:30-1:45

Mr. Levine. Sixth. 1:30-1:45

Ms. Johnson. Sixth. 1:45-2:00

Mr. DeCicco. Seventh. 1:45-2:00

7th and 8th, if you have students interested they can be sent down 5 at a time anytime.