Healthy Cowboy Challenge:

A fantastic way to help you reach your health goals.

What is the Healthy Cowboy Challenge?

This challenge is a twelve week long collaboration between a teacher and their personal group of anatomy students that will help the teacher acquire a healthier lifestyle. The groups of students will help the teacher by providing helpful exercise and diet advice. By doing this challenge, the teachers' lives are being changed for the better and the students are learning about many aspects of nutrition and physical activity.

Why you should do it:

  • Make a healthy change in your lifestyle.
  • Participation provides you with healthy recipes that are wholesome, nutritious, and taste great!
  • Participation also provides you with workout routines and exercises that burn calories, tone muscle, and build endurance.
  • It can improve your health by reducing the risk for health problems and help you lose weight.
  • Teachers who are parents are role models for their children. If children see their parents making healthy choices, they will tend to follow and also make healthy decisions.
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What will be required of participating teachers

  • Participating teachers must be committed to the challenge for twelve full weeks.
  • Participating teachers must attend a weekly check-in with their anatomy group where they will be weighed and have their vitals checked.
  • A positive attitude about the challenge so that both teachers and anatomy students will have great experiences.
  • Flexible and willing to listen to the advice and tips provided by the students.