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Climate, Geography, Land

The name Poland means "land of fields." The Northern European Plain, is a flat piece of land that extends from Germany across Poland to Ukraine and Belarus. Many mountains go across the southern border. Poland today is about the size of Ivory Coast or the U.S. state of New Mexico. Bordering countries of Poland are Germany, Belarus,Ukraine, Slovakia and others.The climate there is very mild, but sometimes there can be extreme temperature variations within short periods of times. Summers are mild, and winter is usually cold, and it rains regularly throughout the year. Air pollution water pollution, and deforestation threaten the country's natural beauty.


In Poland men and women like to be well dressed. Women pay close attention to their appearance while men dress casually. Most younger women follow European styles. Overall, most Polish people where American type clothing. There are still some older people who where scarves on their heads, full skirts, and thick stockings. Also, some make their own clothes. Most Poles are Roman Catholic. Some are practicing Catholics. There are other churches including the Russian Orthodox, Protestants, and Uniate faith. In Poland their main meals are usually soup, meat or fish, salad, and potatoes. They sometimes eat Ice cream or pastries for late-afternoon snacks. There they buy bread many times each week, and sometimes daily. They also have many American foods there.


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