Lewis One Stop Automotive

All The Hardest Workers, All In The Same Place.

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Lewis Auto Workshop

Here at Lewis One Stop Automotive, our workplaces have all the right parts and all the necessary tools. Our employees take pride in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Our work morals drive us each day to do better, be better. Remember, this is your car. Whether it's the family transportation machine, your new mid-life crisis sports car, your chick magnet or your precious baby. We'll not only fix it, not only take good care of it, but even make it better than before.

Products and Services

Why You Should Choose Lewis

There are all kinds of auto repair places, from Wal-Mart's selection of tires to the firestone chain. Why would you want to choose a disorganized looking, small auto business out in a run-down town? Simply this: While you may be able to order car parts on the internet, do you have the time or knowledge to install it?. After all, we don't just do installations, but from car repair to customer service all the way to marvelous satisfaction. Let's have a look at what are customers thought about the store:

"Good service, good work, not to mention dependable with decent prices. Best of all is the friendly, professional staff."

-Chris Shack

"Nice, friendly staff, a helpful and diverse selection of products, with amazing results"

-Ibrahima Diouf

Great lobby atmosphere, local and convenient"

-Dee Auclain

There are many more reasons why you should choose Lewis, but the page might just run on and on. If you really want to know it all, though, how about you come over to the store and find out for yourself.