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May 13, 2016

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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May 20 - Battle of the Books

May 30 - No school - Memorial Day

June 3 - Last day of School

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The class learned a lot about heat waves, light waves, and sound waves through hands on explorations on our field trip. It was an exciting way to learn at a very cool location. If you’re interested in exploring you’re your family at the Fermilab this summer, check out the flyer attached to this email. There is an Animoto included so you can see what the students did at Fermilab. Thanks to Mrs. Giovacchini and Mrs.Taczy for accompanying us on this trip.

Conley was fortunate to have Google share their Google Cardboard with so the students could go on expeditions to various places. Our class stared with Antarctica since we were reading about it in school. Miss Malinger put together a video of Conley's experience. Please see the link below of this worthwhile experience.

Google Expeditions @ Conley Elementary

Box Tops

Please keep sending in your box tops! We are still collecting and appreciate every dime!

We are sad to announce that Campbell's is ending their Labels for Education program. :( Thank you very much for all your soup label submissions over the years! We have purchased lots of playground equipment and art supplies with them!

Literacy by Camryn

On Monday we did this cool thing called It helped us practice our B.O.B books other than that we started our Antarctica Ad on google slides. Also B.O.B means battle of the books if you didn't already know that.

On Tuesday we had our field trip so we didn't really get to do a lot of literacy done. I think the science and social studies reporter will tell you about it. It was really awesome. When we came back we had snack and then did literacy.

On Wednesday we practiced some of our superlative and comparative skills. Mrs.Price put up three pictures on a document and put it up on the projector. Then we had to write on or two sentences with a comparative or superlative word about the pictures.

On Thursday we read one of the mini stories for the week. We had to take our reading notebooks out. Then Mrs. Price partnered us up and we had to write down the vocabulary words and the synonym that was in the text. Also I was with Elijah.

On Friday we had a sub. We read another one of the mini stories and then the real story for the week. Then she gave us a worksheet to do after we read the story. It was a drawing conclusions page. After that we went over it and then she asked us questions about the story. When we got back from lunch we did our sentences and then took the spelling test. That is the end.


By: Camryn, for literacy

Mrs. Hassels's Math Class by Crystal

Hello. My name is Crystal and I am doing a newsletter report on Math. On Monday, we did a study guide, which is basically a pretest.On Tuesday, we had no math because we had a field trip. On Wednesday, we went over the study guide and played Jeopardy. On Thursday, we did the test. It was hard for some of us. For some of us it was easy. On Friday, we had no math because Mrs. Hassles class had a field trip.

Mrs. Price's Math Class by

I'm awaiting the newsletter article.

Social Studies by Jake

Monday:We did our lists for our wants,and talked about goals.

Tuesday:We had a field trip so no S.S. :(

Wednesday:We continued our lists, and did things in our packet.

Thursday:We did science that day.

Friday: We talked about Democrats and Republicans.

And that is what we did this week. :D

Science by Danny

On Monday we did not have science.On Tuesday we went to fermilab from 8:45 to 2:10.well we were there we did experiments with light, waves and heat.Also since it was raining well we were there we ate in the fermilab main building, and it was very tall.On Wednesday we did not have science. On thursday we watched a video on waves.On Friday we took the quiz for the waves video.


I'm awaiting the newsletter reporter's report.