By:Betsy Lopez

Why I want to be a veterinarian?

I want to be a veterinarian because I care for animals, and they should have a live just like people. Also I love animals.

How to become a veterinarian

You need to get a Doctoral ,Professional, Doctor of veterinary,and post doctoral training degree. Veterinarians must have a doctor of veterinary medicine degree from an accredited college, and a state license.

My responsibilities as a veterinarian

My responsibilities as a veterinarian is examine animals to diagnose their health problems, treat and dress wounds, perform surgery on animals, advice animal owners about general care, medical conditions, and treatment. Also operate medical equipment, such as x-ray machines.

Work environment

veterinarians work both indoors and outdoors, they also work in fieldwork or office work. Most veterinarian's work in private clinics and hospitals others travel to farms,work in laboratories or classrooms, or work for the government. The work can be emotionally stressful, as veterinarians deal with sick animals and the animals anxious owners. sometimes they work individual or as a group.