What we want in the Rainforest

What the Native Amazonian's want in the Rainforest

About us

The Native Amazonian's have lived in the Amazon Rain forest for over 100 years. They are all about there family and traditions. They used the rain forests resources for themselves and there tribe. They not only gather food they also hunt and fish. The Native Amazonian's need the rain forest to stay alive.

What we use the Amazon for

What we are here for

In the Amazon rain forest there are tons of resources that people don't know about that we use everyday. We want to keep the rain forest the way it is because if people keep cutting it down and using it for other things we will not have a home or food. One of our main resources is the animals and the plants. With the animals we can eat them and with the plants we can make shelters, medicine, and climb in them. I hop e that our rain forest stays the same so we can have a place to live.