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Sparta military

In Sparta if you were male you would be taken from you family and have to go to the barracks at the age of seven, they wanted you to think a certain way and the only way they could achieve this is to take people at a young age. When you are twenty you would be able to fight in the war but not be able to leave the barracks. At the age of thirty you are able to leave the barracks and starts a life, but you may not leave the military. Finally when your sixty you can retire from the military but if they need more people they can still call you in. This is the reason why Sparta was one fo the most powerful ancient ancient civilizations.
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Fun Fact

In Sparta there was a saying 'Come home holding your shield, or come home on your shield.' this meant that you would either come home or die trying, you weren't allowed to surender in battle.
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Sparta Women

Females in Sparta where trained in sports like wrestling, lacrosse, javelin, ect. They were very fit people, and good mothers. Also because the majority of men where in the barracks women in Sparta were more free then any other women in Greece. This was one of the huge steps to women rights.

Fun Fact

Women in Athens werent allowed to go outside their husbands proporty wihout a man.

Govermental status

Sparta's government was an oligarchy, an oligarchy is a type of government that only has a few people with power, and citizens don't have a say in laws, warfare, ect. If Sparta had a democracy many things would've would've changed, like they probably wouldn't have been as strong as an army as they were, women probably wouldn't have as much rights.

Dark Ages

In Sparta there was this period of time called the dark ages. In the dark ages Sparta lost most of their culture, trade, and literature. In the beginning of the dark ages it was hectic, there were wars, earth quakes, ect.

Black Broth

Black broth was a vile tasting food. It was made out of pork that was boiled in animal blood, salt and vinegar. This meal was meant for people in the military, and that's all they ate.
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