Atherton: The House Of Power

By Michael

Reviewed By Michael 5th Grader

Atherton, The House Of Power

By Michael

Summary: Edgar, a young climber was born to climb. In this book there is a world called Atherton, but this boy Edgar wasn’t born on Atherton. He was born on the Dark Planet, a planet the size of the Sun compared to the Earth. The Earth would be Atherton. In Atherton the world is split up into thirds. The ground floor is called the Flatlands with monstrous beasts. The middle floor is where Edgar lives, and it is called Tabletop. The top floor of the world is called the Highlands, The House of Power is located there. Nobody has ever been to the Flatlands or the Highlands before. There is also one part of Edgar that is special and nobody would ever do it except Edgar. This curious young boy is determined to climb to the Highlands to see the different cultures they might have. The day has come for this adventurous character to climb to the Highlands. After his journey Edgar meets a boy his same age named Samuel and they become acquaintances.

Opinion: My opinion for this book is that it was probably one of the greatest books I have ever read, and one of the most intense too. I think this book has awesome characters, and they each have different personalities. I think this book is awesome because the action in it makes me eager to read the next.

Recommendation: I recommend this book, Atherton to readers who love this type of novel. To readers who do read this book, I recommend reading the second book in the series. Although I haven’t read the second book yet I know it will be as good as the first, Atherton: The House Of Power.

Atherton: The House of Power