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5th Grade News - Friday, January 16, 2015

Upcoming Events

* End of 2nd Quarter - Today, 1/16/15

*NO School Monday, 1/19/15

*Unit 6 Math test - Wednesday, 1/21/15

*Report cards distributed - Friday, 1/23/15


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LITERACY- by Abby T.

On Monday, we got assigned our weekly two-sided vocabulary sheet, which is due on Wednesday, we also had Daily Fix-it's and the Weekly Question online, we also extended our Padlet book report to Tuesday, since we were having some tablet issues. The Padlet book report is we take and book we read, summarize the book in a few paragraphs, and then we add a picture and show it to the class.

On Tuesday, we kept working on our assignments from Monday, but we also had assigned another online project. We had to do an online advertisement/invitation. This was based off of our weekly story, so we had to do an invite a a New Years party or a grand opening.

Then on Wednesday, we continued to work on our assignments, then we also have a brochure assigned that day. Each week we will receive a 'brochure'. This is to see how well we know the story and for the teacher to see how well we are doing with summarizing, getting the main point of the question; ect..

Then on Thursday, we all went to the computer labs, and we were one of the first classes to do the PARCC practice tests. PARCC is a test to take over for the ISAT tests. This test took up most of our morning/literacy time. This is everything we have done this week!

MATH- by Dylan L. (photo below)

This week in class we worked on fractions and adding and subtracting them. We all started doing them at the same time but not all of us understood it or remembered a little bit from 4th grade but did not remember all of it. On Monday and Tuesday we worked charts and plots. We worked mostly on stem and leaf plots which is basically where there are numbers on one side of the chart and when someone else gets a number that is either in that numbers range. For example a student got 81 and then another student got 89 that would go across on the other side on the leaf and the numbers go in order from smallest to largest..

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Hi! I'm Lauren and I will be guiding you through what we did in science this week. On Monday, we first started talking about the properties of matter. We started up a grab bag and used the properties of matter to guess what was in our hand without looking. (we got the objects from the bag)After we did the grab bag we went over what we would do for the next day.On Tuesday, we went over what we were going to do and then got together in our groups. In our groups we were assigned a specific property of matter. For example, Color and Shape and Magnetism.We began on the project throughout the rest of science. On Wednesday we added the finishing touches to the project. When we began to present, Mrs.Turk told us to take important notes while the other groups presented. On Thursday we did a mini lab with electricity. Not only that, we all made a hypothesis! Thanks for reading about what we did in science this week!

ART - by Ashwin P.

On Monday, we talked about our competition project.We were drawing an agricultural landscape like farms and crops over old maps of McHenry County and Algonquin. Ms.Adams showed us ebony pencils.We used the ebony pencils to draw over the normal pencil lines because those were too light.We didn't get to use the ebony pencils though.We did not have enough time to. On Tuesday,everyone started using ebony pencils to go over the pencil lines.Some people finished using the ebony pencils and moved onto outlining with sharpie markers.Our work really looks realistic!

PE- by Ashley R.

On Monday in gym we did catching and pitching. On Tuesday we did a running day. On Wednesday we did a sport rotation with knockout, soccer dribbling, passing ball in soccer, and catch. We also did the same thing on Thursday.

I have 3 pictures on the bottom. One is of Isabel waiting in line for knockout (Wednesday). The second is Caysie waiting for the ball that Marc will pitch (on Monday). The third is of me (Ashley R.). Thank you all so much for reading my part of the newsletter.

By: Ashley Roberts


I hope you enjoyed reading about our week from the point of view of the 5th grade students!

Have a fantastic 3-day weekend!

Dana Turk