Where do You Look?

Search as you want students to search.

We all Google! Admit it!

When I put, "Bill Gates" into a Google search bar, my top returns are a blog, Wikipediam and a website--Biography .com.

When I check Biography .com-- a website . . .

After an insurance commercial and side bar ad on a TV series, I received a brief biography.
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Results with Biography Reference Bank --our database through Infohio with Ebsco.

The Top result is biographical. Other articles tell about his foundation, how he has supported schools, his business model, info about his wife and their philanthropy. There are no adds nor blogs.
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It is not a crime to Google or use Wikipedia!

We should face the fact that we use these sources. But use them correctly. Find vocabulary, background and search terms. Then, use databases through Infohio and your public library. You do own at least one card from a Clevnet library or Akron Summit library, don't you? Encourage your students to have one, too. Your card number is a password to fantastic databases you may use with any Internet hook-up.