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If i stay

If I Stay - Trailer Subtitulado en Español
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If i stay is a romantic film; it´s about a 17 years old girl, who had a car accident and she is in coma. In a coma, she has an out of body experience and watches friends and family gather at the hospital where she it being treated. There is romance and suspense.

The main characters are Mia Hall and Adam Wild. Choe Grace Moretz plays Mia Hall and Jamie Blackley plays Adam. R. J Cutler directed the film. In If i stay there is music; Mia played Clasic and Adam played Rock and Roll.

The story is beautiful and great. The actors are very good. The costumes are ordinary. The special effects are excellents. The music is boring and old. The ending is unexpected and very great!!. We recommend If i stay, because it is a interesting and catching film.