American cities.


First, We will visit New York. Because When we think America, we bring up the image of New York.

We will shop in South of Houston. We take for a walk in Central park. Because we feel amazed a park right in the middle of city.

And we will go 'Tiffany' in Manhattan. So we will take picture pick up pastry like Audrey Hepburn.

After sunset, we will get in cable car from New York to Roosevelt Island. Because we enjoy night view of Manhattan.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Opening Scene - HQ


Second, we will visit Chicago. Because our friend Dan's hometown is Chicago.

First of all, we will see a play in Chicago theater.

We will see a Buckingham fountain lighting show on wednesday night.

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago


Third, we will visit Boston. We hear that the Boston's lobster is very delicious. So we will go to lobster restaurant at evening.

Daytimes, we will go to university tour. Especially, we interested in MIT student's mischief. And we look forward to Harvard university.

Lastly, we will go to Quincy market. We will shop and we will see night view in there.

Banana Keyboard From MIT [Makey Makey, transcript, 윤현우]