Kindergarten Updates

Welcome to our weekly newsletter! February 17, 2020

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Secret Code Word

A secret code word will be added to our newsletter each week. Students will write the word down on a slip of paper and turn it into their teacher for a reward. Students need to remember the code word is a SECRET and they only share it with their teacher.

The "secret code word" can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

ALU (Authentic Learning Unit)

We will finish up our task: Life at Night. This week's learning focus will be completing any additional learning needed to complete the task. We are excited to see the different ways students advocate for the bats of Tampa Bay.

The link for the Task is below - click the button.


Students are working on hearing and identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. For example in cat we can hear /c/ /a/ /t/. This will apply to our writing as well. Students are also working on long vowel sounds in words.

Students are working on asking "who", "what", "when", "where", and "why" questions about a text they have read.

Students continue to work on retelling a story and identifying key details. As you read books ask your child the following questions for a fictional text: "Who was the main character? Where did the story take place? What happened in the beginning of the story? What happened in the middle of the story? What happened at the end of the story?" After reading an informational (non-fiction) book with your child, ask them what the text said about the topic (dogs, wolf spiders, etc.)

Letter sounds and word building using the letters : review all letters

Power Words to learn in February: he, no, of, one, said, she, that, was, went, will

Color Words to learn in February: pink, orange, white, brown, gray


Reading with your child at home is so important in building a lifelong love of reading.

Click the link below to see more information on IRLA.


Students are working on using power words in their writing and writing the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words. We will continue to focus on drawing a picture with details, labeling pictures, and coloring with 4 or 5 colors that make sense. Students will start using their "fix it up checklist" to start the beginning stages of self editing their writing.


Module 4

We will focus on Module 4 T Topic E: Decomposition of 9 & 10 into number pairs and Topic F: Addition with totals of 9 & 10. We will cover lessons 27 - 30.

Vocabulary: break off, 5-group way, hidden parts, 5-group drawing

The link for the "Eureka Module 4 Tips for Parents" letter is below - click the button.

Important Dates


February 17th - No School - President's Day

February 25th - Spring Pictures


March 3rd - Design on Display Night

March 6th - Field Day

March 11th - Early Release Day

March 16th-20th - No School - Spring Break

March 23rd - No School - Teacher Planning Day


April 16th - Carnival & Talent Show

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