2nd Grade Superstars!

Mrs. Swenson - Week of December 15, 2014


Monday -Math 7-1, Spelling due Fri. & Reading worksheet
Tuesday - Math 7-2 & Read 10 min
Wednesday - Math 7-3, Cursive & Read 10 min.
Thursday - Math 7-4, Study for science & spelling quizzes & Read 10 min.
Friday - no homework

What's New This Week?

Language Arts

Our main story selection this week is titled Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type, and this is a humorous fiction text. In Lesson 11 our Essential Question is “What helps you make a decision about a character?” Target skills are conclusions, base words and endings -s, -es, and prefixes pre-, mis-.

In writing we will be learning how to write to persuade.

Words of the Week List #11

Spelling Journeys Lesson #11

hens eggs ducks bikes boxes wishes dresses

names bells stamps dishes grapes jets frogs

Challenge: stitches fences

Test on Friday 12/12

The spelling concept this week is base words with endings -s, -es. Click here to go visit the Spelling City website: http://www.crsd.org/Page/16692



The math concept for Topic 7 is Mental Subtraction and students will be required to mentally subtract mulitples of 10 from a two digit number, finding parts of 100, adding on to subtract, and use a hundred chart to subtract 2 digit numbers. The problem solving concept will be missing or extra information.

Again this is a quick topic, and we will be taking our Topic 7 test before Winter Break so that the information is still fresh in students' minds!


Keep up with the great work on the First in Math website. This is a wonderful activity to help strengthen your child's math skills on different levels. www.firstinmath.com

Congratulations to Sophia Mills, last week's winner on First In Math!

Visit the Rolling Hills Home & School Association website for announcements and information http://www.rhhsa.org/


* Family Math Night sign-up forms are due by December 19th. For additional information please click on this link: http://www.crsd.org/cms/lib5/PA01000188/Centricity/Domain/2274/1%20Gr%201%20to%204%20MATH%20NIGHT%20FORM%20RHE%202015.pdf

* On Monday the cafeteria will be offering a "make your own yogurt sundae" for $1.25. For additional information click on this link: http://www.crsd.org/cms/lib5/PA01000188/Centricity/Domain/2274/Frozen%20Yogurt%20Flyer%20-%20Monday%2012-15.pdf

* Please review your child's homework nightly, and sign their homework book. Thank you.

Important Dates

12/18 - RHE Evening Winter Concert at 7pm. Happy Birthday Erin!
12/19 - Disney Spirit Day. Wear your favorite Disney clothing.

12/21 - Happy Birthday Sophia!
12/23 - Last day of school before Winter Break