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the cougar help save this endangered animal

Do you want to learn more about the cougar? Well than you better keep reading this poster!

The cougar is a mammal that generally has tan colored skin with black tipped ears and tails. Also usually their fur is thick. Their average height is usually about 7-8 ft. approximately 140-180 pound. They communicate with feline communication. Some unusual characteristics they don't like to be seen and are most active during twilight and early morning hours.

Food Chain Notes

The cougar preys on deer, elk, moose, wild sheep, and mountain goats. The cougar finds it's food in the mountains and in the forests. The cougar is a carnivore which means that it is a strict meat eater. Yes, the cougar is a predator and not a prey to any animal.

Adaptation paragraph

adaptation paragraph

Some of the things that the cougar uses to help it adapt are their teeth, speed, migration, hide and ambush, and powerful legs. They use hide and ambush because it is very rare to see cougars hunting in pacts. They also use many of these things for protection also such as eye sight, teeth, speed, migration, and very rarely hibernation.

Do not let people persuade you to not like the cougar, (in other words don't be a bandwagoner)

Some bandwagons that people can join that are against the cougar is that if one person says the cougar is a bad animal lets kill it many others will do the same. Also if a cougar happens to attack somebody's cat or dog and the owner decides to tell everybody that the cougar is a dangerous animal people are going to join their bandwagon. Don't be against the cougar be in a pact with it!


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