Chula, Georgia

by: Taylor Greer

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  • The weather in Chula, Georgia is 60 degrees with a light rain
  • there is 10% precipitation
  • The humidity is 90%
  • and there is no wind.

Seasons and Temperature!

right now the season in Chula is Spring.

The weather there is warm and sunny

The high temperature is 69 degrees

The low temperature is 61 degrees

Winds, Precipitation and Humidity!

The winds are coming from the North East.

The gusts are coming in at about 7.0 mph

The precipitation in Chula is about 20%

They got .25 inches of rain

The type of rain they got was a very light drizzle

The humidity in Chula was about the same all week, it stayed at about 88-90%

My Contact person//their view on the weather//My prediction accuracy

My contact person was my grandma on my dads side.

What she said about the weather was that it was rainy, cold, humid, and windy almost everyday.

My prediction of the weather was close on most of the days.


The climate for my city is humid, rainy, and windy.

The reason my city has this type of climate is because its on the Atlantic coast, and because of the latitude that it has, it gets the winds and rain from the Atlantic ocea

Latitude and Prevailing Winds!

The latitude for my city is about 31.8.

Its closer to the middle of the equator and the poles

Chula gets a little bit of both the Northern-easterly trade winds, and the Equatorial Low winds.

The prevailing winds does effect the latitude because of the two trade winds it makes it humid and rainy.

Large City, Small city or Country?

Chula is out in the country a little bit, because it runs into a small town called Tifton, which is a couple of miles away from Chula

Prone to Hurricanes or Tornadoes?

Chula is probably prone to both.

Hurricanes, because its on the coast of the Atlantic and its near the gulf of mexico.

Tornadoes, because of how humid and rainy it is, there have been a lot of tornadoes in the past couple of years

Tornado History:


Is it near the mountains? Ocean or Lake?

Chula is not near the mountains.

Chula is on the Atlantic Coast, the effect that it can have is that a lot of rain, wind, and the humidity can come from the Ocean

Ocean Current Effect!

The type of Ocean current that effect chula are warm ocean currents, this is one of the reasons that Chula is so warm and humid all the time.

Moving More Inland.

Moving more inland would change the climate a lot.

Since Chula is on the Atlantic Coast, it is very rainy, windy, and humid, but if it moved more inland, it wouldn't have the humidity that it has now, it would go down a lot.

The rain would still be there just not as often.