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common names, chemical formula, and colors.

Common names that the Ruby has, are Adelaide Ruby American Ruby Arizona Ruby Australian Ruby Bohemian Ruby California Ruby Cape Ruby Colorado Ruby Elie Ruby Montana Ruby Rocky Mountain Ruby. The Ruby comes in Red, and all colors of Corundum, and can vary in color intensity. The Chemical formula for Ruby is "Al2O3".

Special requirements

Rubies have no special requirements, as long as it is a beautiful color, and has the correct chemical make-up, its a Ruby.

How is it used

Rubies are used for several different pieces of jewelry, including Crowns, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.


Rubies are indeed extremely rare, and expensive. A ruby larger then a standard diamond, and it being opaque- would be worth more then a diamond of the same size.

Where you can find rubies?

The best quality of Rubies come from Berma, Thailand, and Madagascar.


Some rubies have a sort of haze over them, so, to get rid of this they heat-treat it. Heat-treating can demolish small imperfections and flaws.

Historical significance.

The Ruby is highly prized, both for it's beauty, and historical significance. Rubies appear on ancient king's and queen's crowns, as well as being fabled in Indian mythology and the like.