The Counselors' Corner

By Mr. Russell and Mrs. Klopp - December 2017


On behalf of the Blackman Elementary Counseling Department, we would like to wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous holiday season. Your children have worked hard during the first half of the school year, and this break is well deserved!


In November we called on our students and their families to assist us in collecting clothes for our clothes closet. The purpose of this was to replenish our depleted supply of clothes that are used for students that have restroom or cafeteria accidents that soil their clothes. Thanks to you, we acquired:

  • 55 Pairs of Pants
  • 11 Shirts/Sweaters
  • 5 Packs of Underwear

This helps us out tremendously. Thank you!

This Month's Character Trait is...

FAIRNESS - Playing by the rules, sharing, and taking turns.

Guidance Curriculum:

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade:

  • Kindergarten - Sharing and Taking Turns, Saying Sorry
  • 1st Grade - Types of Conflict: Disagreement, Rude Moment, Mean Moment, Bullying
  • 2nd Grade - Practicing I-Messages, Think Win-Win

3rd - 5th Grade:
  • 3rd Grade - Practicing I-Messages
  • 4th Grade - Resolving Conflict
  • 5th Grade - Demonstrating Commitment

December Events:

  • 7th - Parent Academy (3rd Grade, 6 - 7:30 PM)
  • 8th - Accelerated Reader Ends
  • 14th - Blackman Middle School Band Performance
  • 15th - Choir/Instrument Ensemble Holiday Performance
  • 16th - Family Reading Day
  • 18th - Choir/Instrument Ensemble Holiday Performance (For Parents - After School)
  • 21st - 2 Hour Day (Class Parties!)
  • 22nd - Holiday Break Begins
  • 25th - Christmas Day
  • 31st - New Year's Eve

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Contact Information:

Matt Russell (3 - 5)
(615) 904-3795 ext. 28707

Megan Klopp (K-2)

(615) 904-3795, ext. 28772