"SKIN"ITUDE, Let's talk about it!

Michele's Rodan+Fields Newsletter: January 2015 Edition

Let's talk about Opportunity!

Rodan + Fields, the creators of Proactiv® are getting ready to enter two of the most explosive months in our company history with the product launch of our REDEFINE ACUTE CARE "#expressyourself" this month and the start of our Global expansion into Canada come February! As my client you're apart of this movement just by using products that will retrain your skin and then sharing your incredible results with others.

Sometimes the best opportunity is right under our nose. It was certainly under mine! I was a client before I became a Consultant. I saw very quickly how my skin was being transformed and I just knew I had to share these products with everyone. I am so happy that my Consultant shared this business opportunity with me so I am sharing it with you! We offer a 60 day money back Guarantee for our Consultants. A risk free opportunity to start your own business on your terms and your schedule! As a full time working Mom of 2 boys, I needed some additional income to offset the new daycare bill every month. R+F has allowed me to do just that without getting a traditional part time job which would take me away from my family and that was something I was not willing to let happen. This is a business you can fit into any lifestyle. We are a culture of women who support and applaud each others successes!

*We do not keep inventory!

*We do not deliver products ourselves!

*We do have online ordering & tracking!

*We offer a money back guarantee!

*You can work from anywhere!

*Work the hours that you want!

Click the link below to join my team!


Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields explain it all!

Click the bar above to watch a short video on how Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields followed their dreams and created their empire Rodan+Fields to empower all of us both personally and professionally!

Let's talk about filling wrinkles while you sleep! #expressyourself

Yes, you read that correctly, While you SLEEP!

Acute Care Patches are exclusive to Rodan+Fields! During our Flash sale in October we sold out! That was an incredible day for us Consultants!

Each Acute Care patch contains 120 cones. Each Cone is filled with 99% Hyaluronic Acid and 1% Peptide. This technology is proprietary to Rodan+Fields!! Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our bodies. 50% of it resides in our skin!! As we age we loose H.A. and thus we get wrinkles!

Our patches are a great alternative to costly, painful injections and the risks that come with them. I used Acute Care on my upper lip and after 4 treatments, I am loving my results! (See below)

How do you get your box? Acute Care is available when purchased with a Regimen Bundle. This is a sure fire way to maximize and prolong your results. Add our AMP MD Roller and it's Clinically proven to make your results last longer! Click the link below to Purchase our Acute Care + Redefine AMP it up Bundle to start filling your wrinkles while you sleep! You no longer have to be afraid to Express Yourself!

Acute Care + Regimen Bundle


Let's talk about Raffles & Winners

Congrats to December's Raffle Winner Danielle Hanes! Get your glow on with our Sunless Tanner Babe!

January Raffle

Lips Anyone? I'm raffling off the trifecta for Kissable Lips this Month. Getting you ready for Valentines Day!

You will get a 2 week supply of our Lip Renewing Serum, Lip Dermabrasion Stick and our Essentials Lip Balm with SPF 25 to get those lips ready for some smoochin!

Let's talk about those Lips!

LIp Tip: Did you know that camphor and menthol dry out our lips? They are in a large portion of the over the counter lip balms. What's the point?? It's a temporary "feel good" that is NO GOOD for our precious lips! Look for Lip Balm that has Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter to moisturize those smackers!

Like our Essentials Lip Balm with SPF 25. It is packed with Vitamins A, C and E which provide anti-oxidant protection, while Shea Butter, Avocado and Sunflower Seed Oil hydrate and moisturize. Plus our non-waxy formula contains collagen-stimulating peptides to smooth lip texture for long-term moisturization and dimethicone to protect the delicate moisture barrier!

Our Essentials Lip Balm comes in a 2 pack for $16.00. Save 10% by becoming a PC Perks Member. Click on the link below to order yours today!

Essentials Lip Balm with SPF 25


Let's talk about my Client Rewards Program

Do you want to earn rewards? Become a PC Perks Member today and when you refer a friend who becomes a member you start earning those rewards!!

Current Preferred Clients : When you refer a person who places a Preferred Customer (PC) order, I will reward you with $20 worth of FREE product. Save your rewards and apply them towards high ticket items! For example, our Multifunction eye cream is yours FREE with three referrals who place PC orders. It's just that simple!!!

A special thank you to my client Debbie Smyth for sharing her love of R+F and sending me 2 new clients in December! They saw the results and now they are on their way to aging gorgeously with Rodan+Fields. The proof is in the results!

Let's talk about SkinOver Parties!

SkinOver Parties are a great way to touch, feel and get to know R+F products. Let's retrain your skin! I am currently booking for January - February 2015. You invite your galpal's and I will bring the wine and ALL THINGS R+F!

You can earn products based on total sales at your party! Contact me today to get your SkinOver Girl's Night In Reserved!

Lets Toast to a New Year, New Possibilities and Fabulous Skin!

Let's talk about my R+F Charity!

I have been so blessed by Rodan+Fields that I will be donating monthly to CHERUBS in 2015 in memory of my daughter Einya Elizabeth. This is the charity that supports families who are affected my Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia(CDH)...... Families like mine! To learn more about about this Charity and ways you or your workplace can help please visit www.cherubs-cdh.org.

We are changing skin and changing lives!

Looking back....

2014 was a wonderful year! Our son was born in February and he has been such an additional blessing to our family. My oldest son will be an official teenager in the very near future...ekkkk! I am blessed to have a full time job that surrounds me with loving, supportive and exceptional colleagues that enrich my life daily. In early September I became a Consultant with Rodan+Fields, YAY! This business has energized my creative side while getting the best skin of my life and sharing with others so they too can have the best skin of their life!

On December 22nd my 10 month old took his first 4 steps to walk to our Christmas Tree...that was priceless! We have many firsts to look forward to in the New Year!

Thank you for being apart of my 2014 and allowing me to share these amazing, award winning Skincare Regimens with you! Here's to making 2015 unthinkable!

The Sengsouryas!