By Aaron B. & Luke A.


Dialect is the regional variation of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation. An example would in the northwestern U.S. states the name for a carbonated drink is pop where as in the southern region of the U.S. they call it pop.

Lingua Franca

A Lingua Franca is a language that is used among other languages fro trade and commerce. In North America the Lingua Franca is English and people is Québec want the official language to change because of the widely spoken English language. Pizza is a Lingua Franca of food, well known and popular.
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Language is a complex system that we use to obtain and give information. Language is a system of communication that is used for listening, understanding, talking, writing, and reading.
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Pidgin Language

Spanglish is a great example of a pudding language. A pidgin language is the combination of multiple languages. It is used to try and improve communication between different speaking people.
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Creole Language

A creole language is a pidgin language that is more developed and and complex that had become a native language for a group of people. An example would be Hawaiian with its ties to multiple, languages.

Official Language

Spanish is the official language of Spain, and Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. An official language is a language chosen by the government as a common from of communication within the country or state.


Multilingualism is two or more languages spoken by an individual or a community. Multilingualism is becoming a required thing in countries all over the world such as in China they start to learn English is the third grade.
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