The Brain & Student Behavior

Learning & Engagement: It's Time to Make a Plan!

There has never been a more significant time in the history of education to begin applying the research of neuroscience into our educational practices, assessments, and relationships. We are feeling creatures who think and emotional connection drives all that we employ within our schools, classrooms and communities. In this 4-day professional development opportunity, we will explore the brain, research beneath brain development for educators, emotional regulation, the critical executive function skills of attention and engagement and relationships, and tangible research based strategies that prime the brain for positive emotion, behavior and deepened learning!

  • Educators will come away with a deep understanding of child and adolescent brain development as it relates to learning and the emotional and social health of all students.
  • Thoroughly understand how stress, adversity, and trauma in the brain derail learning, compromise brain health and development, and impede motivation and engagement.
  • Come away with researched brain-aligned strategies that regulate emotions and behavior, engage the most difficult students, and enhance cognition through long-term memory.

Over the course of a year, devise, implement & revise a strategic plan for our students, parents...and us! The Southern Indiana Education Center is excited to offer this opportunity led by Dr. Lori Desautels to all interested and and also those that are searching for highly effective professional development as part of a district's grant requirement.

May 16, May 17, December 1, 2017, and February 23, 2018

Day 1: Exploring brain development, negative behaviors and engagement from a brain lens.

Day 2: Create plans of action to begin seeding this framework into schools and districts. Day 3: Review/ New Research/ Questions/ Modifications/ Challenges

Day 4: How to move the needle with integrating these practices throughout our buildings INCLUDING parents and families! Plan again to continue moving forward.

Dr. Lori Desautels

Dr. Desautels is an assistant professor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Butler University in Indianapolis. Before coming to Butler University, Lori was an Assistant Professor at Marian University and earlier on taught children and adolescents with emotional challenges in the upper elementary grades, worked as a school counselor in Indianapolis, was a private practice counselor and co-owner of the Indianapolis Counseling Center, and was a behavioral consultant for Methodist Hospital, in Indianapolis on the adolescent psychiatric unit. Lori's passion is engaging her students through neuroscience in education, integrating Mind Brain Teaching and Learning Strategies into her courses at Marian and now Butler University . Lori has conducted workshops throughout the United States and abroad and has written "How May I Serve You? Revelations in Education" and co-written "Unwritten, The Story of a Living System: A Pathway to Enlivening and Transforming Education" with Michael McKnight. See below for her website and click here for her TedX Indianapolis video.


Audience: District planning teams with representation from ALL levels

Location: Huntingburg Event Center, 110 East 14 St., Huntingburg 47542

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Costs for ESC Members: $510 for ESC members ($725 for nonmembers) - includes 4 days. Those that are interested in the remaining 2 days (Dec1 and Feb23) may still register! The price would be $255 for ESC members ($350 for nonmembers).

*Participants will need to bring a laptop computer to access online resources.

*Lunch will be included and a certificate for 6 PGPs will be provided on the last day of the series.

*See embedded registration below.