The Kill Order

James Dashner

Sun Flares and Floods!!

Sun Flare and floods take to the earth is one big hit. The sun flares melt all of the polar ice caps, which lead to a rapid growth of the sea levels all around the world. The need for high ground was in high demand, the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains were packed with people getting away from the floods.


Mark was just one victim out of millions who lost family members in this fight with the heat. It all started with this organization called WICKED. Now WICKED is trying to find a way to bring the world back together piece by piece. At least we think for now. Anyway they start to spread a horrible disease starting at these campsites. Mark lived at one of the three campsites hit with the disease. He and his friends want to get even with WICKED and find out why they even tried to get them infected, so they leave the campsite. In the process of leaving they lose two of their friends to the disease and bump into a wild pack of humans who have completely lost their sanity. But they would rather die than not get their revenge with WICKED.


The Kill Order has many twists and turns. It will keep you wanting to read more. In the book Mark has to face a lot of life or death situations where he has to decided if doing the right thing will keep him alive. His friends have to make difficult decisions too, like whether to leave a friend behind when they insist for you to leave them. What would you do? Find out what Mark decides to do.