Gooding Community Newsletter

February 2020, #24

City Council Changes

The results of the November election have taken place, and the Gooding City Council has been restructured. Mitch Arkoosh has been reelected to serve another four year term, and has also been chosen to be the new Council President. The council welcomes Jan Shepherd who took the oath of office got sworn in to serve her four-year term. The council also said a heartfelt goodbye to Vern France and thanked him for his 16 years of service with a nice commemorative plaque. Photos of these local legislators from the January 6th council meeting are seen below.
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Gooding PD Welcomes New Officers

The Gooding Police Department would like to thank everyone for their support for the No Shave November drive. We were able to provide gifts for 2 families with a total of 8 children. The gifts included toys and needed clothing and totaled over $1,000.00. We also got a jump on No Shave November 2020 with a $250.00 donation from Crop Jet Aviation, (thank you George Parker) and a few smaller donations.

We are starting the new year with a few new officers. Officer Chase Garey is a certified officer with several years of experience at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the Shoshone Police Department. Officer Garey resides in Jerome with his family. Our newest officer is Emanuel Delgadillo, a recent graduate of the CSI Law Enforcement Academy. His education negates the need to attend the Idaho Police Academy with only local training required to become a certified officer. We are grateful to have both of these officers join our team.

We are also losing another officer as Justin Herman moves back to his home town area in the Treasure Valley. We would like to thank him for his years of service and wish him the best as he continues his career in law enforcement. Officer Herman will remain a part time or Reserve Officer for the department until this summer.

Although it is still cold, it would be a great time to get a jump on spring cleaning. Most items taken to the transfer station in Wendell may be disposed of free of charge. Most appliances are placed in a metal recycle area and are disposed of free of charge. Appliances like refrigerators and freezers have insulating chemicals and will have a small fee for disposal. Other items requiring fees are large items like hot tubs, and any other special items such as batteries, tires, etc. Wood waste is also accepted there, but there is more of a selection process. Clippings, branches, and untreated lumber can be recycled (no paint, stain, etc). Those items not fitting these descriptions are placed in normal trash. When open, our local tree yard accepts limbs, branches, and other wood waste in separate piles as well. The waste transfer station is located just North of Wendell on Highway 46. For questions of them, please call (208) 536-2181.

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Gooding Music Program Honors

Congratulations to the 12 Choir and 9 Band students that auditioned and were accepted to Middle School District Honor Clinic! They will be traveling to Burley for a full day of rehearsals and will be showcasing their talents in a concert on Wednesday, February 5th.

2019 Honor Choir: Paige Ray, Haley Rogers, Elizabeth Paul, Niyah Hocklander, Clara Goodman, Taylor Stapp, Aly Evans, Addie Davis, Ethan Anderson, Chase Patterson, Derek Peterson, Paxton Smith.

2019 Honor Band: Livvy Scoffield, Cierra Barnett, Pamela Magdeleno, Trysta McClain, Lilly Bentzinger, Emily Pereira, Tyson Bingham, Lucas Williams, Luke McLaughlin.

Rising Voices 2020 Choir Camp was a success! Thank you to all of the volunteers that made the event possible. Extra thanks to Kendra Patterson, Mr. Tilley, Darci Dubois and Frances Williams. (We missed Barbara Sorensen due to illness). Thank you to the Association of Music Parents members that continue to help make events like this a success. Lastly- thank you to our amazing Vocalise students that worked so hard with the kids and helped choreograph and coach the kids into an amazing performance!

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In November 2019, the Idaho Heritage Trust (IHT) Board of Trustees awarded the Gooding County Historical Society up to $2,628 for scanning and digitizing the 1912-1970 Wendell Irrigationist newspaper collection. More than half of IHT’s annual grants are awarded to rural communities with populations of 5,000 or fewer. Digitizing before the originals deteriorate beyond handling condition allows the data to be accessed and utilized electronically by the public from the Society’s computers, an external backup drive in the Society’s Museum, and on the Society’s website

These will be added to those City of Gooding newspapers that were previously scanned into digital format. The Society plans to acquire digitized versions of all available hard copies of other historical Gooding County newspapers, as funds are available.

The Gooding County Historical Society can be reached at 208-934-5318. Learn more about IHT at

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Airport Master Plan Meeting

Join us at the Airport (1945 Airport Road) on February 20th at 5:30 PM as we seek input from the community and users of the Gooding Airport.

The Gooding Municipal Airport Master Plan will be a comprehensive study of the airport that describes short, medium, and long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand.

The elements of the Master Planning process vary in the level of detail and complexity depending upon the size, function, and problems of the individual airport. The Gooding Municipal Airport’s Master Plan will be a straightforward study, incorporating survey, planning, and public outreach processes. The Master Plan will present a strategy for the development of the airport by providing a framework to cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand while considering the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

The Gooding Municipal Airport Master Plan will meet the following objectives:

  • Document the issues that the proposed development will correct or mitigate;
  • Justify the proposed development with technical, economic, and environmental investigation of designs and alternatives;
  • Provide an effective graphic representation of the development of the airport and the anticipated land uses in the vicinity of the airport;
  • Establish a realistic schedule, especially for the short-term, for the implementation of the development proposed;
  • Propose an achievable financial plan to support the implementation schedule;
  • Provide sufficient project scope and detail for future environmental evaluations that may be required before the project is approved;
  • Provide a plan that adequately addresses the issues and satisfies local, state, and federal regulations;
  • Document policies and future aeronautical demand to support local deliberations on land use controls, spending, debt, and other policies necessary to preserve the integrity of the airport and its surroundings; and
  • Establish the framework for continued planning.

Economic Development-Congrats to Ervina Covcic

We would like to welcome Ervina Covcic as the new Rural Economic Development Services Coordinator! Here is her Bio:

"I’m so excited to officially start my position as rural specialist for Southern Idaho Economic Development (SIED), covering our rural communities surrounding the Magic Valley. I have worked at SIED for 3.5 years as the admin assistant, but was fortunate enough to be given many opportunities outside of that role that would prepare me for this position. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration from Boise State University and am currently an MBA student with a focus on analytics at St. Bonaventure University. My family immigrated to the USA in 1998 from Bosnia & Herzegovina due to the horrible war and displacement that took place at the time and landed right in Twin Falls, Idaho through the CSI Refugee Program. Now, with my education, work, and personal background, I have the opportunity to help strengthen our beloved small communities.

Ervina will be reaching out to the business community to see what challenges they face and how Southern Idaho Economic Development can help.

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5 Disneyland Passes Being Raffled!- Deadline Approaching!

A select group of students from GMS and GHS have been working hard over the past year to raise funds to travel with EF Educational Tours on a trip to London and Paris during Spring Break 2020. Part of this hard work has included doing community service projects throughout our town. As a reward for these projects, the group has been granted 5 all-day passes to Disneyland! In an effort to finish their fundraising efforts, the group will be holding a raffle for these tickets. All of the tickets will be going to one lucky winner, and that could be you!

Raffle tickets are being sold 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. The big winner will be announced at halftime of the boys middle school basketball home game at GMS on Wednesday, February 5th. You don't need to be present to win.

Tickets can be purchased from any of the students attending the trip. For more information, or to purchase your raffle tickets now, please contact Amber Smith at 208-731-5901 or by email at

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Gooding Volunteer Group Ramping Back UP

The Gooding Volunteer Group is back in action after the holiday season!

The Gooding Volunteer Group will be meeting on February 13th at 8:30 PM at Turner’s Shop (1 mile south of Maverik).

This meeting will be focused on choosing their future project which is currently undecided. They welcome all community suggestions for projects and welcome anyone who would like to join them at this meeting.

The Gooding Volunteer Group always welcomes new members. They would love to see some new members join their group and help them improve our community one project at a time!

For more information about the Gooding Volunteer Group, like their Facebook page:

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February Meeting Dates

February 3rd Council Meeting 7:00 pm @ City Hall

February 6th Urban Renewal Meeting 9:00 am @ City Hall

February 6th Wood River RC&D Meeting 6:00 pm @ Gooding Bed & Breakfast

February 12th Airport Advisory Meeting 7:00 pm @ Gooding Airport

February 18th Council Meeting 7:00 pm @ City Hall

February 20th Planning & Zoning Meeting 2:00 pm @ City Hall

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This is a Publication of the City of Gooding

The Gooding Community Newsletter is a publication designed to share the positive happenings in our community. If you have an event or news item you would like to share, please send along your information to the email address listed below. Should you have an idea you think could improve our community, we encourage you to bring those ideas to the city council with plans on how we can work together to make our city even better. Thanks for listening and sharing!